Heating & Cooling Repair for Sprinter and Metris Vans

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Is the heating and cooling system in your Metris or Sprinter Van struggling to keep you comfortable during trips to Irvine? If you’re feeling hot air when you turn on the AC or your heater is blowing out cold air — or no air at all — it’s very likely that you need van heater repair or van AC repair. As with any repair, you want to feel confident in the van AC repair shop you bring your Sprinter or Metris to. The service center at Fletcher Jones Van Center provides authorized Sprinter and Metris service in Costa Mesa! Read below to learn more about van heater and AC repair and how our team can help.


Sprinter & Metris Van Heater Repair Near Huntington Beach

If your heating system is blowing out cool air or no air at all, you’ll know you need van heater repair. Here are some reasons why your heating system may be malfunctioning: 

  • Faulty or broken thermostat 
  • The antifreeze or coolant level has dropped
  • The heater fan is broken
  • The blower motor resistor is shot
  • Dust, dirt, and other debris are clogging up the heater core
  • Leak in the radiator
  • The HVAC controls aren’t communicating with the heating system
  • Blown fuse or faulty wiring

Sprinter & Metris Van AC Repair Near Costa Mesa

Many drivers have been there before. It’s the first truly hot day of the season, so you turn on the AC only to be blasted by hot air. Or worse, no air at all. Here are some of the common reasons why you would need van AC repair: 

  • The refrigerant is leaking
  • Road debris is clogging up the condenser
  • The condenser is broken
  • Blown fuse or faulty wiring
  • The cooling fans are broken
  • Faulty compressor

How Often Do You Need Van AC Repair & Van Heater Repair?

We recommend scheduling HVAC service for your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Metris at least once per year. However, it’s also a smart idea to get them done separately, twice per year, as a seasonal service. Ideally, you would have your AC checked in early spring, and your heating system checked in early fall. That way, if you need van AC repair or van heater repair, you can get it done before the temperature changes drastically in Laguna Beach.

What Is Included in HVAC Service?

When you visit us to have your Mercedes-Benz van’s heating and cooling systems checked, we’ll complete a comprehensive inspection that includes:

  • Inspecting the internal system components and the blower
  • Checking the temperature of the radiator coolant
  • Inspecting the hoses, radiator pressure cap, and thermostat 
  • Examining the compressor belt
  • Checking seals for leaks and other compromising damage
  • Performing a cooling system pressure test
  • Testing whether the AC pressure meets Mercedes-Benz standards
  • Checking the temperature of the internal vent

After completing these inspections, we will recommend any necessary Sprinter van AC repairs or Metris van heater repairs so you can enjoy comfortable trips to Orange County.

Call Us to Learn More!

Fletcher Jones Van Center is here to help you understand the maintenance needs of your Sprinter or Metris Van. You can schedule an appointment online if you need van AC repair or van heater repair. If you have other questions you’d like to discuss, please get in touch with us online or give us a call at (949) 718-3320. Our service advisors are happy to help!

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